Professional Experience

As a Consultant of the Civil Chamber, at the Supreme Court of Ukraine, I had the privilege to deeply explore the complexities of our system.

My responsibilities involved analyzing practices identifying legislative challenges with precision and summarizing court proceedings in a meaningful way.

This strategic position allowed me to provide recommendations that not improved the efficiency of litigation processes but also promoted fairness within our realm.

The valuable insights I gained from this experience demonstrate my expertise as a specialist in providing perspectives to navigate and enhance our landscape.

In my role as Chief Specialist at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine from January 2013 to June 2019 I focused on governance. Demonstrated my unwavering commitment to upholding legal standards.

In addition to preparing and reviewing drafts, I also conducted anti-corruption assessments on these drafts. Furthermore, I collaborated seamlessly with authorities to ensure alignment between Ukrainian legislation and international standards.

Additionally, my contribution included playing a role, in drafting legal documents. My time spent in this experience not only sharpened my abilities to navigate legal systems but also reinforced my strong dedication to upholding the fundamental values of fairness.

Throughout my journey, I have effectively combined knowledge, with hands-on practical skills demonstrating my adaptability in shaping and promoting legal principles.